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Web Design for the Drupal CMS

A state-of-the art Content Management System that will put your small business leaps and bounds ahead of your local competitors, and on footing with bigger competition, for a fraction of the cost.

Fee includes:

  • Initial setup of out-of-the-box and publicly available software and extensions

  • Customization of CSS and PHP for the template or theme (look and feel)

  • Customization of graphics (graphic materials must be provided by the customer)

  • Training to use the site, if requested for the duration of the retainer

  • Advice on Search Engine Optimization

  • Transfer to preferred hosting provider, if requested, for the duration of the retainer

  • 90 days basic hosting

  • 90 day retainer for further work on this project with the conditions above

Popular features are included by default but are not required:

  • Unlimited pages, open to editing by the client
  • Customized menu system
  • Delegation of content posting
  • User self-administration of passwords and contact information
  • RSS / Atom feeds to increase availability
  • Syndication of content to Facebook and Twitter
  • Multiple automated features to enhance Search Engine Optimization

Optional features include, but are not limited to:

  • Management of registered users, including a custom sign-up form
  • Online store/shopping cart (external payment collector such as PayPal or Authorize.net required)
  • Forums
  • Calendar with RSVP/invite functionality
  • Advertisement areas
  • Photo gallery
  • Commenting on all pages, or just some pages
  • Online storage of contacts, or any other custom form requested
  • Online submission of a form to send to email
  • Graphic slideshow
  • Many other features are available

Additional features available with the addition of the Enterprise Hosting package:

  • User self-management of passwords for ftp access, email access, and any other service managed via the LDAP interface, accomplished through a web interface
  • Administrative management of website access, ftp access, email access, and any other service managed via the LDAP interface, accomplished through a web interface
  • Webmail for all email users

Price: $2995, payable as work is completed


All software is on license from respective authors. Copyright for any content or software not licensed from another is retained by the client. Any copyright for creative works produced for the client for this site is transferred to the client upon payment. If hosting is provided, the information on the site will only be used for this site. Such information will be retained no more than 30 days after hosting is moved to another provider.


The site will not be available to the public before the fee is paid.

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