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"Extreme" Enterprise Hosting

You won''t find this advanced package anywhere else. It includes the basic requirements for a web site and additional building blocks for a business Information Technology system.

Here is a package that will allow a small or medium-sized business to make use of expensive information technology on professionally-managed infrastructure while reaping the benefits of extra bandwidth, 24 hour service, redundent architecture, and control from your office (with an adequate internet connection). Its functionality will give your office the basic, solid managed mix of Information Technology services your business needs to compete, without worrying about the mundane details of your IT infrastructure.

The basics for a static web site or a Content Management System are included

  • Up to 500MB of storage
  • HTTP server
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • MySQL database
  • unlimited bandwidth*
  • Content Management or other free, open source web software included

Plus advanced features that make this package unique

  • Up to 10GB of storage
  • unlimited MySQL databases and logins
  • Website administration of logins
  • FTP: ftp access, with user logins synchronized with and managed by the web site
  • Email Domain: unlimited email addresses, with logins and addresses synchronized with and managed by the web site
  • Webmail, with logins synchronized with and managed by the web site
  • LDAP server for further expansion of enterprise login integration, and a shared user directory.
  • Applications that can be configured to integrate (for an additional charge) include:
    • Microsoft Windows ( as a substitute for Active Directory )
    • Unix and Linux ( as a substitute for NIS )
    • CIFS, SAMBA, NFS, and other network file systems
    • SAP
    • Many others, and custom applications
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